Avalanche Conditions

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November 21 SH becoming reactive today

Selkirks-North Columbia range

Avalanche Conditions

A colleague and I went out for a conditions check today in the Selkirks about 100k north of Revelstoke. Average snow depth of 120cm in the snowier valleys at TL, very uniform depth that tapers to around 90cm at 1500m. No real Alpine observations today. Ski pen was 30-40cm, but foot pen was almost entire height of snow.
We had a few remote and sympathetic avalanches in the healthy size 2 range. These were triggered from up to 50 m away, had crowns in the 40-60 cm range and were up to 75m wide, some with significant cracks going much wider. There were numerous settlements and we were able to ski control convexities btl down 50cm. Definitely going to be touchy for a while.

Saying that, we had some very very nice early season turns in the trees and on supported terrain.

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