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Northern Whitegoat Wilderness

Northern Whitegoat Wilderness near Cataract Pass

Trail Conditions

Went for a trip with friends into the northern Whitegoat Wilderness earlier this week approaching via Nigel Pass and Cataract Pass. The approach trail to Nigel Pass is in good shape but you should expect significant muddy sections if travelling soon after rain. The trail between Nigel and Cataract Passes (gained right after crossing the Brazeau River at Nigel Pass which oddly enough had an actual utensil-fork someone had left on a rock at the trail-fork) is well cairned and allows for quick travel with a few short scrambly sections through boulder fields.

In the Whitegoat, we spent a few days rambling around enjoying the scenery and scrambled up Mount Willis and Mount Stewart (encountering only minimal, and avoidable, snow patches on each peak). Creek crossings in the Whitegoat are fairly straightforward and there is plenty of terrain and scenery to experience in the area. Sadly we didn't end up seeing any white goats.
Happy Trails,

Ben Nearingburg, AHG

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