Climbing Conditions

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North Victoria Northeast Ridge

North Victoria - Lake Louise

Climbing Conditions

Hi there,
Climbed the Northeast Ridge of North Victoria with two guests on July 26th.
The route remains in snowy condition.

Thanks to a good overnight freeze travel up the glacier was very easy with relatively no foot pen. There were occasional punchy sections as we crossed old debris on approach to the bergshrund below Collier/Victoria col.

There were numerous options for crossing the bergshrund with good bridging. The slope to the Collier/Victoria col is completely snow covered in most sections and climbed nicely with good step kicking right to the col.

Travel along the col to the upper ridge was on very firm snow with a couple of sections of exposed rock. The rock step is snow free and easy to navigate. Firm snow conditions persist above the rock step to the summit.

Time is of the absolute essence on the descent, as the snow below the Collier/Victoria col softens quickly with the recent hot sunny days.

Hope everyone has been enjoying the great weather.

All the best!

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