Avalanche Conditions

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North Rockies - Pine Pass - Rolston Creek Feb 2nd

North Rockies - Pine Pass - Rolston Creek

Avalanche Conditions

Spent a day skiing on the shoulder north of Rolston Creek including some north and east facing slopes.

Stuck mostly to treeline and below treeline terrain and poked into the upper elevation sub-alpine. Most of the upper elevations have been highly impacted by recent winds from the south.

Recent warming created a light temperature crust up to 1300m with 10-20 centimeters of ski penetration over more consolidated snow. The skiing was quite good and coverage over alder under the powerlines and in gladed areas is good.

Snow coverage at the parking lot is around 1 meter with 2-3 meters at higher elevations.

We saw no signs of instability or any avalanches. Lots of previous snowmobile traffic in the bowls north of Rolston Creek which produced no avalanhces in 30-40 degree terrain.

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