Climbing Conditions

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North Glacier and NE Ridge, Mount Athabasca

Mount Athabasca, Jasper Park

Climbing Conditions

We climbed with a Jasper Park Visitor Safety Team on the North Glacier and part of the NE Ridge of Mount Athabasca yesterday (July 5th). Great travel conditions and weather with sticky ice on the lower part of the glacier and boot top steps in snow up to the Boundary-Athabasca Col. We probed 45cm snow depth on the glacier below the Boundary-Athabasca Col. Watch for thin and weak snow bridges over the crevasses. There was some loose moist snow avalanche activity but limited to size 1, with potential for larger slides with the warm weather. Limit your exposure to avalanches and rockfall, and bring avalanche safety equipment if you travel in avalanche terrain.

There was a party on the Silverhorn that descended the ramp route that looked to have great travel kicking steps in snow. There was also a guided group on Boundary Peak that also is in great shape.

Photos attached of the North Face and Silverhorn routes, both look to be in good condition.

Jordy Shepherd, Mountain Guide and Visitor Safety Specialist
Jonas Hoke, Ski Guide and Apprentice Alpine Guide, Visitor Safety Technician
Natalie Verrier, Resource Conservation Officer

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