Climbing Conditions

Climbing Conditions

We climbed the Good, Bad and the Ugly (GBU). Today's crux was the driving, starting with getting past the blue bridge on the Trans Alta Road where the entire forest is flooded. It wasn't a problem when we went in, at -24C, but required some careful navigation on the way out to avoid punching through the melting ice.

A good track exists through all of the drifts on the road, but the belly of our vehicle was often dragging through the snow. We were in a Ford Explorer and opted to park just before the Wully Wall river crossing to avoid testing our vehicle against the ice shelf that has developed there.

We kept our feet dry on the approach to the GBU from this point with some thoughtful river crossings. The route itself has been affected by the sun but is generally in good shape, and we managed to climb, fresh ice the entire way.

Although many of the routes in the Ghost are often considered to be free of avalanche hazard. With the recent snowfall and winds there are significant deposits of snow on and above many of the routes

Lilla Molnar
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