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North Coast Trail

North Coast Trail Vancouver Island

Trail Conditions

I guided the North Coast Trail May 2-11.
It’s was in the driest shape I’ve seen since the Spring of 2015 (Ive been on it almost every May since 2011).

The trail seems to have seen a lot of use over Covid and it is now well worn in and really easy to follow. But the mud puddles have grown too!
Some of the beach/trail markers have fallen. This is particularly true between Shuttleworth and Cape Sutil.

The ranger cabin/yurts are all locked.
Laura Creek Camp has two tent pads closed due to tree concerns.

Eric Lake was closed for camping due to tree concerns.

Cape Sutil's water source was just a trickle.

There is a handful of new dead fall on the trail between each camp. All easily passable.
The creeks where so low we only used crossing shoes on the Nawitti River (to avoid/short cut the cable car.

We met many bears and a few wolves. They where mostly well behaved. No bad apples.

The glass ball found count was 1.

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