Ski Conditions

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Neve Traverse Condition - Garibaldi Park

Neve Traverse- Garibaldi Park

Ski Conditions

Spent the last 4 days doing 2 back to back Neve traverses with Canada West Mountain School.

Intense heat Thursday and Friday with loose wet activity to size 2 on steep solar aspects. No major avalanches other than an older size 3 crown off Atwell Peak that might have been set off at the start of the warm weather. Overnight freeze and a slight breeze kept the amount of activity down and travel conditions were really good.

The ring creek trail remains the most exposed section of the traverse with lots of loose wet activity through there. I recommend taking the Gargoyle - Columnar Col and skiing down into Ring creek from there to bypass that section.

Over the weekend, cloud and precipitation set in with freezing level around 1600m Saturday and 1400m Sunday. 8-12cm of new snow Sunday.

Crevasses are all very well filled in with 3+ meters of snow in the alpine but snow bridges seem to have sagged with the warm weather.

Snow started from the Elfin Lakes Trail parking lot and on the Rubble Creek switchbacks the snow was no longer skiable around 3.5km from the Rubble Creek Parking lot. Garibaldi lake still has lots of snow and will be fine to travel on until likely the end of May or later.

Lots of great ski traversing to be had in the Coast Mountains! Happy travels

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