Ski Conditions

Naumulten and Hilda Huts

Valkyr Range - Selkirks

Ski Conditions

In the middle of a long shift at Valkyr Adventures, but figured with the holiday time in full swing it would be nice for people to know what the snowpack is like in this part of the world. On average the height of snow is probably 20% below normal, with snow depth measuring from 120-150cms above 1900m. This means you can expect some aldery and shallow snow conditions at lower elevations. The big talus fields are just starting to cover over, with wind loaded terrain providing more smooth and consistent skiing surfaces. Plenty of adequate coverage for easy travel at treeline and alpine elevations.

Of note is the Dec 15 surface hoar/facet/crust layer. Although widespread, it has not shown any reactivity to skiers or shown any natural slides. The Nov crusts/facet layers are also present, but again showing variable results with snowpit tests and no reactivity to skier traffic. These layers are very much in my mind as I tour around, with surface hoar producing areas tingling my senses, especially if there has been any wind loading.

Otherwise the cold weather and off and on snowfalls (including 10cms of low density snow today) have provided for outstanding ski quality with minimal wind effect in exposed northerly aspects.

Evan Stevens

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