Climbing Conditions

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Mt. Huber - Not great snow conditions yet.

Lake Ohara - Mt. Huber via Huber ledges

Climbing Conditions

Grant Statham and I climbed Mt. Huber today. The Huber ledges are mainly dry with plenty of spots to refill water bottles. The glacier above (2900 - 3350m) has 15-25 recent snow that had only the hint of a freeze overnight. Travel was punchy at 0830 and was isothermal by 1100. Our original objective was Mt. Victoria but the slow travel and deteriorating snow conditions pointed us to Huber. Good conditions on Huber with useable ice for about 50m of the ascent. Otherwise snow. Mount Victoria looks like theres a ton of snow on the ridge with visible cornices still hanging around. There were signs of avalanches in the new snow up to size 2 and I think there will be more in the next few days. The glacier in general has very good coverage and alpine conditions should improve with some melt/freeze cycles this week.


Steve Holeczi, mountain guide
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