Ski Conditions

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Mt Hector, North Glacier

Banff National Park

Ski Conditions

Skied up Mt Hector via the North Glacier along with a couple other parties on Thursday, June 11th, including a marmot who was running down the middle of the glacier on our way up.

We hiked past the waterfall to treeline on the summer route in runners/light boots, then skied to the summit block and boot packed to the top.

Ski crampons were necessary on the moraines in the morning but were not used on the glacier. The crevasses on the glacier remain well covered with no new sags observed. Firm snow provided easy travel and maintained good bridging.

An ice axe was useful for the summit boot pack and boot crampons were nice to have but not critical.

The snow got a little sticky on the way down but was still fun and supportive right down into the moraines. Only the final couple hundred meters was becoming isothermal and care was needed to stay on top here.

Things will need to cool down and freeze better to make this viable again, but if you are willing to walk a little and have a cool clear night with an early start and finish, travel will likely stay good for the next while.

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