Climbing Conditions

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Mt. Athabasca

Mount Athabasca Columbia Ice Fields.

Climbing Conditions

Tuesday May24th I Guided a team of 4 to the summit, Via the AA-Col with Yamnuska Mountain Adventures.

With Clear sky's and a early start we found excellent conditions on the glacier with 5cm of boot pen from the recent storm.
We found easy passage of the Bergschrund on climbers left side.
On the summit ridge we found more snow up to 20-30cm, making trail breaking physical.

Another team climbed the NF and reported deep trail breaking to the Base of the face and better conditions up high.

For those who have not climbed in the area recently.
With the parking down by the highway now, add about 20 minutes to the Moraine to Athabasca's NF,
To AA-Col and Andromeda add 40 Min Each way.

Enjoy the Great conditions out there right now!

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