Climbing Conditions

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Mostly Dry

Mt Louis

Climbing Conditions

Jim G and I enjoyed a nice day out on Mt. Louis’ Gmoser route July 9.
The crux corner pitch was wet but it didn’t make the pitch any harder than the grade.
Looking down from the Perren Crack pitches, the Kain route looked to be dry.
Lots of loose rock in the descent rappel gullies which will hopefully clean out a little with increased traffic as the summer goes on.
Some running water on the descent rappels but not enough to soak the ropes.
Mosquitoes are out, rivers are high, forests are lush, and the wildflowers are coming out.
A pleasant day in the mountains.

From our vantage point, Cascade and Rundle scrambles routes looked to be dry.
Mt. Assiniboine looked snowy - see attached photo.

We also climbed Mt. Lorette July 8, which was dry. We could not find a shallow spot to ford The Kananaskis River so we opted for the bike approach along Stoney Trail.

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