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Mighty Mouse

North Joffre Creek

Climbing Conditions

A few friends and I ventured into the N Joffre Creek to check out the Mouses Tooth yesterday (July 6).

The access road is in great shape though a high-clearance vehicle is nice to have to clear the water-bars. The trail itself is also in great shape and easy to follow though it's starting to grow over. There's still a solid snow-bridge over the creek near the base of the climbing which made the crossing easy though that can change quickly. The final approach to the climb can be done either on solid summer snow offering good step kicking or on scree. We were glad to have some mountaineering boots for the snow.

The route itself is dry and in great shape with no snow to be found on the belay at the base of the climb or any of the ledges along the route. There were large patches of snow on other buttresses in the area though so rockfall hazard was still a concern on the approach.

Monte Johnston, MG
Dan Robb, ARG
Marcus Wybrow, ARG

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