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MCR hiatus

Canadian Mountain Conditions Facebook group


The MCR is being put on hiatus for an indeterminate period of time to allow for an update to the website. It sounds like this pause could last for the rest of the summer.

As there are no other conditions posting options for guides I created a Facebook group for ACMG guides to continue this community service.

If you want to see conditions reports in your feed, search for Canadian Mountain Conditions on Facebook and apply to join the group. You will be asked a couple of questions and need to agree to the rules.

Only guides will be able to post in this group. Anyone else who applies to join will not be approved to post but should see the guides' posts in their feed.

If you do not have a Facebook account you should still be able to see the page online with a Google search.

On The Map

These observations and opinions are those of the person who submitted them. The ACMG and its members take no responsibility for errors, omissions, or lapses in continuity. Conditions differ greatly over time and space due to the variable nature of mountain weather and terrain. Application of this information provides no guarantee of increased safety. Do not use the Mountain Conditions Report as the sole factor in planning trips or making decisions in the field.