Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Mallard Mountain Lodge just experienced what could be described as the best conditions all season despite many challenging weeks. I had the good fortune to guide here during their final week of operations for the season (Mar 24-31). Typically, operations run till mid-April. Located in the North Rockies south of Valemount, BC tucked up beside the border or Jasper National Park.

Started the week with mostly clear and sunny skies and light NE breezes first few days due to a high pressure system. Periods of snow with minimal wind arrived mid week amounting to over 30cm at TL, up to 40cm in the Alp. A clearing trend followed with a short-lived flurry over the final night.

Upon arrival, HS was 130cm at snow study plot (1970m / TL elevation). Finished the week with 155cm after settlement of storm snow. Currently, two very supportive, 3-5cm thick MFCr's exist - Mar 21 down 20-25cm and Feb 3 down 65-75cm, well consolidated DF's between. Basal snow is faceted with depth hoar. No significant results during any testing.

Avalanche Hazard:
Evidence of a recent widespread natural cycle up to size 2.5 from the previous warm-up existed. Conditions improved rapidly during the first several days due to cooling temperatures compared to the previous week. Started out with Moderate in the Alpine, Low at TL/BTL, then further improved to 1/1/1. After a brief spike to Considerable during the storm, a return to 2/1/1 rounded out the week. Main concerns throughout the week were the MFCr's and storm snow. Some size 1 sluff management was required in steep terrain. Cornices were present but unreactive.

Terrain and Travel:
We skied mostly polar aspects in the Alpine at the moderate to steep range. Lower angle and tree skiing occurred during low visibility and higher hazard days. We averaged 1000m+ elevation per day. Reusing skin tracks for multiple line options during the deep days was an efficient tool to keep the smiles coming! An exploration day to an adjacent valley afforded some pleasant solar aspect skiing conditions early in the week.

Overall Experience:
Guests, staff and guide all enjoyed an amazing week. Accommodations, food, group dynamics, weather and ski conditions all aligned to create a memorable experience.

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