Ski Conditions

Lots of wind effect above 1900m

Cayoosh Mt E glacier

Ski Conditions

I took a group up the E glacier of Cayoosh Mt today. We skiied up the regular route via the Ottoman Gully. Most of the way there was 20cm of new snow on the generally thin Dec 15 crust. This was also our return route and it skiied quite well.
Wind effected slabby snow started at 1900m and it was variable. This was made up of soft slab to a barely penetratable surface. We saw no new avalanches and I couldn't ski cut wind loaded pockets.
At 2200m in the center of the glacier we probed 2.6m of snow on glacier firm. 30cm of last week's snow on the Dec 15 crust with some small facets below. CTM (15) that broke irregular on the facets.
At our high point at 2300m the wind was blowing 40km from the E and it was cold enough to freeze exposed facial skin.

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