Climbing Conditions

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Lots of snow

Divide Glacier/Mt Niblock

Climbing Conditions

We climbed Mt Niblock via Divide Creek/Divide Glacier on Saturday June 8.

Similar to other recent reports things are still very snowy. We encountered snow in the forest at about 1950 m. Even though we had below freezing temperatures this snow was still punchy but avoidable for the most part. Once we hit the avalanche paths and moraines the terrain is mostly snow covered but in this open terrain a combination of a temperature and radiation freeze created good travel conditions on hard crusts.

Obviously good coverage on the glacier.

The summit ridge on Niblock provided entertaining and exposed climbing on hard snow on this normally easy rock scramble.

On descent we started punching through the snow on the lower moraines by noon.

Without a good freeze routes like this will have difficult, punchy snow conditions until we get a sustained period of diurnal swings in temperatures to create a more settled snowpack with thicker surface crusts.

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