Climbing Conditions

Lots of new snow in the mountain

Bow hut/ Wapta Ice-field

Climbing Conditions

Fridjon and I spent 5 days with the ADVG program around Bow hut on the Wapta Ice-field.

It snow a fair amount during the pass 3 days around Bow Hut with mostly wind from the West South West. Approximately 10 cm HS at Bow hut, 30cm HS on the Glacier above 2500 meters, and up to 100 cm HS on the northern aspect where the snow got transported on the lee side. We observed only loose dry avalanche size 1 from very steep cliffy terrain. No slab were observed where we traveled, but this being said we did not stick our neck out too much with this new snow, we avoided all steep northern aspect slopes.

Winter is coming.

PS: We saw a snow board track yesterday at the bottom of the glacier going to Bow Hut. The track went over many crevasses covered by very weak bridges.


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