Climbing Conditions

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Looming Cornice hazard

Murchison Falls region, Mt Murchison

Climbing Conditions

Planned for Murchison Falls as a final waterfall ice
objective for the year. As it turned out there were multiple significant cornices threatening both the left and right sides of the climb, so we changed plans.

We did end up sneaking over for a quick lap on “My Daddy’s a Psycho” which was not as exposed as Murchison Falls and we were out before it got too warm. It was brittle and required careful route finding with freshly formed ice from the previous days melt.

While the ice was holding up well, once the sun hit the climbs, around 1pm, snow and ice were melting fast.

Overall not a place I could recommend going for the rest of the season.

Rob Owens
Mountain Guide

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