Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Skied up to below Sapphire Col yesterday and up to Lookout Col today.
There is still cold snow on northerly aspects above treeline. we found a 1cm breakable crust up to treeline in the a.m. and the top 10cm moist by 3 p.m below tree line. We avoided south aspects and steep unsupported features. We minimized exposure to cornices. Ski crampons were used by some heading up the Asulkan valley. Lots of evidence of afternoon solar avalanche cycles size 1-3. Skied last run at 2p.m.

Test Pit
Just above Lookout Col, 2200m, NW aspect, 38 deg, Hight of Snow 330cm, 1cm breakable crust on surface.
ECTN 13 down 20cm in thin facet layer between wind slabs
CTE 8 RP down 20cm in facets size 2mm
CTM 11 PC down 30cm on 40cm of facets size 2mm (below old wind slab)

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