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Look the Glide Crack has returned and Dust on Crust

Rogers Pass - Connaught Ck. - Teddy Bear Trees descent

Ski Conditions

I ventured out for the first time in 8 days (okay I'm picky about ski quality) to check things out after last nights dump. Well if you call 5cm a dump (10cm if you play the lee features).

It did make for reasonable dust on crust skiing where we were (N. aspect in Connaught creek - max elevation 2000m.) and the lack of old tracks was a definite help in skiability. There was just enough new snow, and give to the old crust, to manage to set track even on 30 degree terrain (ski crampons were a help but those without still managed okay).

Other than those limited observations, I noticed that the Teddy Bear Trees descent is once again hampered by a wide glide crack (see photo) - I am not sure when it first opened but I wouldn't be surprised if it was in the last week of warmer weather.

Obviously it poses 2 separate hazards - that of unknowingly skiing off the uphill side, and the potential of a large slab avalanche if it were to suddenly release.

Time for more Snow dancing and ski sacrifices to Ullr!

Scott Davis
ACMG Mountain Guide

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