Ski Conditions

Limited skier triggered and natural avalanche activity

Monashee Mountains, Gorge area and Mt. Macpherson "Fingers"

Ski Conditions

Skied in the Gorge creek neighbourhood on Saturday, February 24th. No wind effect to at least 2250m that day. There was a report of two Size 1 skier triggered avalanches. Both small slabs about 30cm deep and 10m wide on steep south facing terrain around 2000m. We avoided low elevation steep planar North facing slopes as surface hoar was still being found in snowpack tests at that elevation down about 50cm. Excellent ski quality.

Skied in "the Fingers" on Mt Macpherson today, February 25th. Approximately 20 cm new snow did a pretty good job of softening up the feeling of 10,000,000 old tracks:). We did see 1 sz 1 slab release from a very steep narrow gully beside the main fingers. It looked about 5m wide and 30-50 cm deep and didn't run far but it was certainly big enough to push someone around in that steep terrain. We just toured to the top of the moderate angle terrain and skied down from there. A few people up there today but unless there was a real "Late shift" it might not be all skied out yet.

Trans Canada Highway was icy and rough from Revelstoke to Donald and likely won't get better in a hurry. Better driving to the east but it will still greasy to about Lake Louise.

Just like a real Canadian Winter!

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

PS Please ignore the flag on the map. The whole map would not download so it was just a blind guess.

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