Ski Conditions

Ski Conditions

Further to Jordy’s report on May 3rd, I went today to Lefroy Glacier (same valley as Surprise pass & North Victoria glacier) with a group of students from the ADVG/TRU ski expedition.

We observed a widespread avalanche cycle on all aspects that had happened the day before May 4th. These avalanches ran to valley bottom up to size 3,5.

To note: An Avalanche size 2,5 out of surprise pass, burring our entire previous track from May 3rd.

Another size 2,5 or 3 out of Fairview ran directly into Lake Louise, pushing some block of ice onto the shore near the hiking trail.

Another avalanche that attract my attention came from the South aspect of Mount White, a size 3 perhaps a 3,5 running to valley floor, burring the non-official winter hiking trail just before the plain of six glacier tea house and our ski track from May 3rd.

This is what it is when it is warm in the springtime in the mountain.

Tomorrow will still be warm and possibly a bit rainy, thus more avalanches will most likely come down.

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