Avalanche Conditions

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Avalanche Conditions

On a Bow Yoho traverse this week I've witnessed a couple of large avalanches. First was a few days ago, a cornice triggered size 3 on the north side of Vulture Peak.

Second was today, a cornice triggered size 3.5 on the north east side of Des Poilus that stepped down very deep, either the November 5 layer or summer snow/firn. It was about 300 m wide, ran about 500 m. See attached photo.

I'll be giving cornice threatened slopes a very wide berth going forward.

On the plus side, we've had great skiing on the Bow Yoho the past few days, skiing lots of steep April Powder in the sun. Little wind effect and no layers of concern apart from these disturbing cornice triggered events.

Tom Wolfe
Mountain Guide ACMG/IFMGA

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