Trail Conditions

Kananaskis Country- Hiking

Porcupine Ridge area

Trail Conditions

The ACMG Training and Assessment Program ran an Apprentice Hiking Guide Exam based out of Canmore over the last 9 days.

May 27-29th groups ascended Wasootch Ridge and Porcupine Ridge to 1925m and travelled in North and South Porcupine Creek. Patches of isothermal snow on north and east faces 1700m and above. Lots of water in South Porcupine Creek. Numerous river crossings were required to travel up the creeks. Water levels increased significantly in the afternoon with added snowmelt.

We encountered steep, mostly dry terrain, requiring significant route finding ascending and descending ridges.

Other than the terrain, a significant hazard we encountered was ticks. They are out in force in this area.

We had overnight lows down to 3ºC and highs of 18ºC. We had mostly broken skies with light to moderate winds. There was rain, heavy at times, on May 28th overnight. On the 29th there were rogue snowflakes with no accumulation above 1700m.

The TAP Apprentice Hiking Guide Exam Candidates and Instructors

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