Climbing Conditions

It's an icy world.

Mt Athabasca AA col route

Climbing Conditions

Climbed the AA col route on Athabasca today. The fracture line of the size 2 windslab on the ramp route is still quite crisp and visible as of today. Winds calmed down around 10am this morning and there seems to be almost no snow left to move around. The long slope at the end of the valley leading up to the higher, Eastern AA col was one of the few snow covered places around. Thankfully it has been through a decent melt freeze cycle and the snow was well bonded to the ice and traveled fairly well.

All the Athabasca routes N side routes are looking icy except the Ramp route which I still feel is looking dicey. All the Andromeda ice routes look REALLY icy and unpleasant. The Shooting Gallery and Asteroid Alley looked non-existent. A-strain might be ok up high but the bottom looked pretty unappealing to me.

No campgrounds open and the hotel closes on Sunday. Could be icy and lonely up there. I will resist any "icy and lonely" jokes.

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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