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Roger's Pass and Central Purcells

Ski Conditions

We spent the last few days exploring a couple of areas - including Roger's Pass and a sled access zone in the central Purcells. Here are a few general observations. There are many complexities in the snowpack which may lead to instabilities with further load. There's widespread faceting at all elevations/aspects. Surface hoar of varying sizes was observed on sheltered alpine aspects, and is widespread at and below treeline. Exposed alpine aspects have crusts of varying thicknesses and hardnesses. I was surprised to see glide cracks at an alpine location in the Purcell Mountains.

Condition wise, it is very thin, especially in the alpine. We are finding the best skiing (still very thin, but fun) to be in a narrow band at, and just below, treeline

TJ Neault
ACMG Ski Guide

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