Climbing Conditions

ice from the past week.

Emerald Lake, Protection Valley and Ghoster Coaster

Climbing Conditions

After a few days stomping around chasing ice here are a few hopefully useful Observations.

Walked into Cold Comfort/Cold Choice on a fine fresh trail last week. The trailblazers of course got first dibs and looked to have a good time on Cold Choice. We went for Cold Comfort and never left the ground as the ice looked delaminated in 2 big sections and the temperature had gone from around -20c to maybe 0 with LOTS of solar radiation. It seems unlikely Cold Comfort will get better but time will tell. Certainly big windslabs below the route then but you can skirt the edge of the biggest terrain using trees. The overhead hazard is always there and can't be avoided.

Went into Protection Valley on Tuesday and there was a great trail in there. Lots of ice in there currently. It was windy and our plan A (Roomate Bromance?) was looking somewhat lean in key places so we just went left to the longest pure ice route out there above the little lake. I apologize for forgetting the name. Pretty good ice there but it also delaminated in some places and felt very old school as it hadn't been climbed much.

Climbed Ghoster Coaster today. Seemed like just last nights snow in there so it was easy walking. Route is still moist but generally in great shape.

Larry Stanier

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