Climbing Conditions

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The Ice Funnel


Climbing Conditions

My guest Marc B and I enjoyed excellent weather and ice conditions on The Ice Funnel in the Waiperous area yesterday.
Driving was straightforward but a high clearance vehicle with good winter tires is recommended to reach the parking area.
There is more snow at valley bottom than I expected but travel on foot was still good, mostly on hard packed trails to the end of the cutline. From there is 5-25cm of loose dry snow in the forest.
Ice conditions on route were excellent but the crux 2nd pitch was closer to WI5 then the book grade of WI4.
As the route name implies falling ice or rock can funnel down the route, which is narrow at times, and careful considerations must be made to protect the belay.
We had a close call with rockfall while pulling ropes on our descent so heads up (or down) if you’re going in there.

What an excellent climb!

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