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Ice Conditions

Storm Creek - Difficile Monster WI3

Climbing Conditions

Walked up Storm Creek with Justen Bruens and climbed Difficile Monster WI3. Route was in good shape with good sticks and good screw placements most of the way up.

Avalanche Conditions: As expressed by Banff VS forecasters in the Banff National Park avalanche hazard forecast, it is still below threshold with perhaps some very small isolated pockets of windslab in the upper start zones but no concerns as of yet on the approach slopes to the routes in this drainage.

Weather: Light flurries with a few cm's accumulation today and temps in the -2 to -3 range. Winds were sustained moderate and variable direction all day.

Having said all this, there is 30-35cm of snow expected tonight and through Friday so that may create some the potential for small avalanches on the smooth snow covered chunks of slope approaching these routes with the new snow. Something to bear this in mind.

Check the forecast to get a sense of temps and wind associated with this storm and more importantly the weather telemetry stations available through the Parks Canada avalanche hazard site - Mt Stanley and Mt Whymper stations are most relevant for this zone.

This is also available through the Avalanche Canada website to get actual snowfall amounts. The winter zone is dropping in elevation quickly so be prepared to carry avalanche companion rescue equipment if you have any degree of uncertainty in the days and weeks ahead when ice climbing or winter alpine climbing.

FYI, the gnarly pillar of Scar Tissue has fallen off so those who were waiting patiently for it to touch down. Looks like you will have to wait for some other day. Photo of the route attached.

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