Climbing Conditions

Climbing Conditions

Jasper Visitor Safety along with Waterton and Banff teams joined up for ice training based out of Lake Louise over the last 3 days.

Lake Louise falls- On the morning of Jan 29th it was -26 in the parking lot and made for brittle ice conditions on the route. We climbed the route on the right hand side and the crux pitch was poring with water and had reformed over night. Another party was on the left hand side and it looked to have a drier line available.

Lady killer was also climbed that day with good conditions. The route sported an ice shell and some sun affected ice. The ice in the upper amphitheater looked to be in good shape.

Jan 30 Guinness gully was climbed. The first pitch is nice, wide and fat, no need for shorter screws at present, entire route dry and in excellent shape.

Jan 31 Spray river falls had a few days free of climbers and healed up completely providing good quality WI5 conditions on the route.

Professor falls was running with water pretty heavily until the last pitch, which was dry and provided a hooked out line and a fresh untraveled line on the right hand side. Easy biking all the way to the drainage at the moment.

As always have a look at the weather and avalanche conditions, as a number of these routes are in large avalanche terrain, as this new system rolls through.

Have a great weekend!

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