Climbing Conditions

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Ice and ski conditions last two days

Mt Wilson Tabernac Bowl and Saddle Pass

Climbing Conditions

Spent the last couple days in the hills taking advantage of the low avalanche danger:

Yesterday, with cooler temperatures and overcast skies decided to check out Oh Le Tabernac on Mt Wilson. We found it to be in marginal condition, but were able to find a climbable line on the right side. Lots of hollow sounding ice where a delicate touch was useful, and I can't say I'd recommend it in the current conditions. Little to no snow on the approach. The climbs in the upper bowl looked in rough shape with two of them missing large chunks from the recent heat wave. Saw some minor rockfall starting as we were rapping down when the sun came out.

Today, we went looking for some sheltered snow at treeline near Saddle Pass. What we found in any opening big enough to ski was variable windslab or thin suncrust. Needless to say, poor ski quality, but beautiful views of the Louise group. We skiied back down the saddle pass trail. Lots of big surface hoar below treeline, but it's all been blown away as soon as you get close to treeline. "The Tease" ice climb was in.

Hoping for snow for Christmas!


Ian Jackson
ACMG Mountain Guide

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