Ski Conditions

Holey moley holey

Squamish high country

Ski Conditions

Some friends and I went to slide around the glaciers surrounding squamish on Nov 11.
Don't let the white trees fool you, it's the pre-pre season on the south coast currently.
There's 10-15cm of facetted snow on ice and very little rideable snow below 1900m (and not a lot above either). The glaciers are heavily crevassed with some thin and weak snowbridges. With the incoming storm, more of the crevasses will become hidden by thin bridges. With yesterday's sun and the general lack of snow, avoiding the holes was relatively easy but with any flat light or slightly more snow (from the incoming system) glacier travel would become significantly more challenging.

For those trying to go ski, the best bet is to find old snow that survived the summer. Wear a helmet and bring your rock boards. Gremlins are everywhere. Or just be patient and wait for it to properly fill in.

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