Trail Conditions

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Hiking Jasper Maligne Lake area

Maligne and Medicine Lake area Jasper National Park

Trail Conditions

A Thompson Rivers University’s ACMG Assistant Hiking Guide course took place in Jasper National Park from June 17 to 24th. We did a number of day hikes and backpacking in the area with the longer trips in the Maligne Valley.

We hiked in the Maligne lake Bald Hills area, and backpacked in the Watchtower Basin and adjoining drainage to the north.
In general, there is more snow in the alpine above 2000m as compared to other years during the same time period.
Remnants and crowns of large avalanches from last winter has left many deposits in the run out zones.
The water level in streams and lakes is higher than in recent years. Medicine Lake is close to being full, and we will see if it overflows this summer!
Several bears were encountered at lower elevations, especially in and around the town site trails on Pyramid bench. They seemed quite content with grazing the plentiful new growth, and were uninterested in our groups.
Wildflowers are in full bloom in the sub alpine and alpine, and the re-growth in the burn near Medicine Lake is quite impressive with arnicas and fireweed.

The weather was generally good during our trips with only light precipitation on the night of June 22nd.
The trails are generally dry and even the Watchtower basin trail seemed somewhat less muddy than was expected. The bugs were generally nonexistent on most days, but certainly wouldn’t count on that for much longer.

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