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Hiking conditions in Kananaskis

Canmmore Spray lakes and Kananaskis areas

Trail Conditions

A group of ACMG Apprentice Hiking Guide students traveled in the Kananaskis region from June 15th to 21st.
Conditions varied quite significantly between the southern Spray Lakes area and the eastern area around Barrier lake. It was snowier the further south you went.

Groups traveled through Mt Buller, West Wind pass, Prairie View Peak, and backpacking in the Porcupine creek region to Wasootch ridge. Much of the travel was off trail, up and down steep sub-alpine slopes and through dry and flowing creeks.

Mt Buller/ Red Creek: dry conditions until 2000m where we encountered deep isothermal snow, thigh to waist deep snow in sections. Point release avalanches from recent snow was widespread, and noted a few slab avalanches on SW aspect Red Mtn at alpine elevations. Red creek was flowing well, with a shin deep crossing.
Descent trail is muddy, hidden by snow in upper sections near creek crossing, with slippery areas.

Porcupine Ridge Area: trail to North fork creek mainly dry with one section of overflowing water. South Porcupine creek trail undefined and requires route finding with multiple creek crossings up to mid shin. No snow on Porcupine or Wasootch ridges. Plenty of water to be found in both drainages
Some areas were just recently clear of snow, with flora just starting to flourish.

Unsettled weather throughout our trips. June 20th thunderstorm in the evening with one audible lightning strike. Generally temps stayed in double digits during day times.

Olivia Sofer HG SG
Sylvia Forest MG
Peter Amann MG

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