Trail Conditions

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Great trail conditions despite the rain.

Farley Lake, David Thompson Country, Alberta

Trail Conditions

We spent 3 days on a scouting/reconnaissance trip in the Bighorn backcountry. This trail starts at the Siffleur Falls staging area and skirts the Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve. Easy travel for 3/4 of the 16 km trip (one way). Numerous camp sites on the hike in (for 1 or 2 tents) with one big outfitter camp about 1/2 way suitable for a large group. There is one fairly easy steam crossing (be sure to bring sandals). The last third of the trail is the crux with the trail following a steep creek bed (be sure not to get sucked into hiking the creek bed as the trail zigzags around it for 90% of the time). The camp at Farley Lake has about 5 tenting spots (2 are good, 3 are pretty crappy). Bear hang and a latrine area would be a challenge for a larger group. This campsite was fairly clean considering it’s located in a random camping area. I’m still not sure why people cannot pack out their TP? There is one side trip/day hike option up to Hummingbird Pass, but it is a very challenging hike, so not for the inexperienced. The Bighorn is an incredible area that needs to be protected!!

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