Ski Conditions

great skiing in Lone Pine lite

Rogers Pass - Lone Pine lite

Ski Conditions

despite the whiteness, we snuck into Lone Pine lite today and found great skiing top to bottom. -3c at the car at 0900 -5c near the ridge at 1300 and -1c once we returned to the car at 1400, despite the warm temps the surface snow stayed soft and dry and without wind effect all the way to ridgetop. There was 20-30cm of new (F) snow over the older, firmer surfaces (4F-1F) but for the most part the snow was staying put. The exceptions being unsupported terrain over 40deg, where we had a few small (size 0.5) storm slabs fall away from our uptrack, and in the steep sidewalls of the avalanche path where there was sluffing, again in terrain over 40deg. There are different generations of old avalanche debris in the very bottom of the path, with varying (10-30cm) amounts of new snow covering them up. The old debris skis ok, but it was much more enjoyable to find elevated ribs or sidewalls to ski. We elected to not ski the bottom of the aldery choke near where the lite variation joins the main path, and a quick look uphill makes me think that Lone Pine proper is still not in great condition, there was some blue waterfall ice, and some rocks visible in what I could see of the ski line from there.

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