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Monashee - Gold Range

Ski Conditions

I recently finished a ski traverse of the Gold Range in the Monashees for Sawback Alpine Adventures. We started north of Kelly Peak and finished at Mount Begbie. Over the week (starting April 13 and ending April 20), we encountered a variety of conditions. The beginning of the week saw icy south facing terrain and settled powder conditions on high north aspects.

By mid week, we received 15 cm of new snow that was redistributed by moderate to strong southwest winds. We observed limited natural activity in relation to this new snow and no ski reactivity. This 15 cm greatly improved travel conditions on south aspects and at lower elevations; however, this improvement was short-lived on south aspects with the warming temperatures later in the week.

We travelled from 1700 m to 2750 m and found sufficient snow coverage at these elevations. Glacier coverage was adequate but less than normal for this time of year, and we had to rope up on most glaciers.

I suspect this route will be in condition for a few more weeks.

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