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Weeping Wall

Climbing Conditions

Jim Elzinga and I climbed the right hand weeping wall yesterday. The route and whole area is in excellent shape. Fatter than I've ever seen it with almost no sun affected ice. Weeping pillar looked to be good as well.

Most of the other regular formers looked to be in good shape in the area as well:
- Polar circus seeing numerous ascents in the last week.
- Well formed ice in the Cadeau Cache / Damocles area and impressive destruction on the approach from a large avalanche earlier this winter.
- Ice Nine touching down, but with a skinny pillar at the bottom. Probably won't last long with the forecasted warmth.
- Oh Le Tabernacle lower still looked ok, but routes in the upper bowl appeared to be hurting.

Beautiful day on the parkway and no new snow anywhere in that area from the recent storm.

Ian Jackson
ACMG Mountain Guide
Canmore, AB

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