Trail Conditions

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Trail Conditions

Great hiking conditions up to and around Marble meadows. Made it up to McBride/ Morrisson Spire ridge. Trail was dry and fairly easy to follow except for some sections in the Limestone cap.

Buttle lake crossing was easy early in the morning using inflatable kayaks. We had to hold on a couple of hours for return crossing to let wind die down. 15 minutes paddling across lake.

Area was very quiet Thursday to Saturday.
Temperature ranging from 16 to 19 degrees C with foggy conditions throughout.

Flowers are still out making the meadows rich in colors!!

Worth mentionning that the mosquitoes are still out, hungry and fat!!!!
We highly appreciated the Wheaton hut as a cooking shelter.

On Sunday, trail runned to Landslide lake. Great trail conditions. Be aware of underground wasps nest.

Happy hiking and get the best out of the rest of summer.

Charles St-Louis
Hiking guide ACMG

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