Ski Conditions

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Good spring conditions

Cathedral Peak and north gully

Ski Conditions

We took advantage of a good freeze and beautiful spring day to ski Cathedral today. Solid melt freeze crusts exist at lower elevations and on solar aspects making for fast skinning and good cramponing up the south aspect gully this morning. Dry snow still exists above 2200m on northerly aspects making for good skiing.

The summit ridge was pretty rocky for this time of year.

The north gully had some embedded rocks from last weeks warm weather. It wouldn't be a good place to be on a warm day but was in good shape this morning. A 15m rappel is aĺl that is required to get past the ice step currently.

Lots of coverage on the descent to the highway with softened corn starting around noon at the lowest elevation north aspects.

A great day to be in the mountains!

Ian Jackson
Conrad Janzen
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