Ski Conditions

Good skiing, stormy weather

Duffy Lake Road; Cayoosh Creek

Ski Conditions

We skied up Cayoosh Creek today in the vicinity of the run labeled on John Baldwin's map as Lazy Boy. Very stormy day with only a few breaks in precipitation and clouds. We saw a few sucker holes in the sky but overall very limited visibility, moderate to strong SW winds and snowing 2-3cm's/hr all day. Up to 15cm of new snow above 1600m and up to 20cm of 24hr new snow. Freezing level was 1500m. Good skiing on wind pressed snow above 1600m. Lots of wind transport today and later in the day there were subtle signs of instability in the new snow with cracking on steep unsupported rolls near ridge top. No new avalanches observed today but vis was limited above treeline. There was old debris (about 2-3 days old) in the run known as Ottoman which runs N off of Burnt Ridge. No evidence of cornice chunks amongst the debris. The avalanche looks to have come out of the NE aspect of the slope and ran about 300m. Of note, this debris ran well below where an old uptrack had been set across the slope.

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