Ski Conditions

Good skiing and warming temps

Bonney Moraines - Rogers Pass

Ski Conditions

Went up into the Bonney Moraines today to stay low and out of the forecasted winds up higher. We found 5cm of new snow overnight at the Loop Parking lot and excellent ski conditions up in the moraines and surrounding area. We had convective flurries and in-and-out visibility all day.

Snowpack tests showed that the Feb drought interface (down 110cm where we dug) is settling well and unreactive, with the old storm snow sitting on facets formed during the cold snap. We did feel some small buried windslabs along the crests of the moraine ridges facing north and avoided spending too much time walking on top of them, but didn't see any windslab avalanche activity.

Around noon we did hear a loud audible avalanche off the Bonney headwall. It went on for at least two minutes with what sounded like multiple large chunks tumbling downhill. My guess is that it was a cornice failure that triggered something on the slope below, but we were unable to see the area or the debris all day.

Also, as we were skiing out of the valley in the afternoon the surface snow became moist below 1500m, even on north facing slopes. Spring is arriving down low!

Will Woods

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