Ski Conditions

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Good Ski Conditions

Mallard Mountain Basin West of Jasper National Park

Ski Conditions

A group of avid skiers spent March 7-11 ski touring out of Mallard Lodge just west of JNP at the headwaters of Hugh Allen Creek.
Cold temps, generally stable weather and lack of any significant winds gave good conditions over the period. There were no signs of any significant avalanche activity ,other than minor new snow sluffing.
We had temps ranging in the low teens at night, staying well below freezing each day and the winds were generally calm.
The snowpack is 200cm at the lodge (1940m). We received 10cm of light convective flurries yesterday, clearing by mid day. Snow pack tests and ski cutting on steep short rolls and convexities gave only minor sluffing. Main instability was about 35cm down under the storm snow giving moderate to hard results. The storm snow from the last week (35-40cm) was still generally uncohesive.
We avoided large steep or unsupported alpine features where deeper instabilities have been reported, sticking mainly to lower angle supported alpine features, and being a bit more aggresive at treeline and below.
We were fortunate to have such fine skiing, and good stability for the duration of the trip.

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