Climbing Conditions

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Good old school(not picked out) ice climbing.

Rockies, Waterton park, Experts Choice

Climbing Conditions

Warm, windy day on Experts Choice. Cameron Lake road is trackset for skiing and might even be good with a fat bike. Tough slog up through 40-100 cm of snow to the route from the road and it sure looked like no one had been up to the route in awhile. Our tracks were filling in fast early in the afternoon so they might soon disappear. Beautiful and interesting walk up to the route through the recent burn.

The ice has probably softened slightly since the Big Chill. Good sticks but the feet on the first pitch were on the insecure side. The route is in fat condition though, good gear throughout. Bolts at the 3 anchors we used but the 1st pitch anchor could use some new cord and a Fixed biner if not some chains.

"Quick and Dirty" looked good, the "Compound Gullies" are buried in snow.

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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