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Climbing Conditions

Climbed the NW ridge of Elkhorn yesterday as part of a 3 day trip. There is a "reasonable" log for crossing the Elk River near the Elkhorn sign on the trail but the safest answer currently is just wading across. The actual trail to Elkhorn starts right by the log crossing. It a burly trail and sometimes tricky to follow even with all the flagging. There are 2 relatively straightforward sections of fixed rope. The 3rd and longest fixed rope is somewhat problematic as it goes up a mossy and often wet slab where the consequences of a mistake would be serious. That rope is currently very good but I belayed my group up and rappelled on the way down.

Great camping along the ridgecrest and still some snow patches and waterholes.

Route was completely dry rock and the snowfield was in excellent shape. Some fixed anchors but folks who aren't solid at down climbing low 5th class should bring some cord and maybe even nuts, pins and a hammer for making new anchors as I thought the descent was somewhat complex and serious given the mandatory down climbing on loose rock. And I am from the Rockies:)

Raining in Strathcona park this afternoon but it should dry quickly. We saw very few people on the Elk River trail and nobody else on the Mountain.

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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