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Collier-Unnamed-Popes Traverse

Climbing Conditions

We enjoyed a fine outing in LAke Louise Aug 4-5 on the C-P traverse starting with a bivy below the toe of the glacier that leads to the North Victoria-Collier Col, and exciting via Ross Lake Headwall today.

Overall conditions were excellent.

Despite a lack of overnight freeze travel to the Vic-Collier Col was straightforward and you can currently cross the bergschrund in several spots.

Travel along the ridge was mostly on rock but where we step in snow steps were deep enough to not require crampons.

The descent from Popes required 4 rappels and 2 of which came up short with a 60m rope, requiring a bit of rope trickery to reach the anchors. A 65m rope would speed things up.

The Ross Lake trail from end of the traverse ledge to the lake was overgrown and difficult to follow but luckily short.

Pics - N Vic-Collier Col, N Vic Ridge, descent after Popes rappels

Kris Irwin
Roy Stadlwieser
Brad Schalles (SG, ARG) practicum

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