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Glide crack hazard

Rogers Pass - Teddy Bear exit from Grizzly Bowl

Ski Conditions

I had a birds eye view of Grizzly Shoulder/Bowl area over the last couple of days touring in Rogers Pass.

Today I noticed a fresh Glide Crack (this is when the entire snowpack glides on the snow/ground interface) on what is a typical exit from Grizzly bowl via the Teddy bears trees (see photo).

2 issues arise from this - one of avalanche risk should that slab catastrophically fail, and another concern related to the actual sudden interruption in the snow which could catch you unaware and potentially result in injury. This is the kind of feature you may not see from the top of the slope, so here is your heads up ;-)

Also attached is a photo of the Asulkan parking lot this morning - ya it's busy out there so keep your heads up for other skiers who may be skiing or tracksetting above you.

Best of the New Year to all,
Scott Davis

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