Climbing Conditions

Climbing Conditions

Rundle Rock
West Ridge of Baldy West
First Buttress on Mt Buller
Dragons Back on Eisenhower Tower
ESE Ridge of Lady Macdonald

Our first day at Rundle Rock we had some showers. This was followed by two dry days before a significant system pushed in late afternoon on the 26th. It came with strong westerlies, moderate precip, and a snow line around 2700m.

Dry rock where we climbed but many gullies still had snow that lingered on north facing ledges and faces above ~2700m in K Country and ~2300 around Castle Junction.

The scree ledge on Eisenhower tower still harbours considerable snow. We did not climb to it but we believe you could climb past staying on the rock.

Above average users in K Country. Keep in mind how this might affect your travels.

Cornices still exist on many ridgetops around where we travelled.

The slope you would need to traverse after completing the standard rappels off Eisenhower is still firm, steep snow. Given we did not have crampons or ice axes with us we elected to reverse the Dragons Back.

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